Designer Originals

Elegant, Classic, Sensual Luxury

Sensual fabric, flowing with color, is created as luxurious fibers interlace in intricate weave structures. Designer Originals include a variety of elegant styles in a medley of complex color blends.

Color Swatches

Woodland Fantasy Woodland Fantasy
Winter Reflections Winter Reflections
Tropicana Tropicana
Seascapes Seascapes
Ruby Marie Ruby Marie
Royal Red Royal Red
River Ripples River Ripples
Painter's Palette Painter's Palette
Lava Flows Lava Flows
Ivory Ivory
Golden Harvest Golden Harvest
Gemstones Gemstones
Evening Elegance Evening Elegance
Cashmere & Crystals Cashmere & Crystals
Alpine Glow Alpine Glow